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I'm just wondering, koff~

My favorite move? Selfdestruct. Yeah, that's right. Although it was somewhat nerfed in Gen. V by not cutting the target's defense in half. I don't think they should have done that, but what am I gonna do? If I had my way, Selfdestruct would always be super effective, and would cut defence by a quarter (or don't cut it at all and just make it super effective). I think it should also be a 'special' move in it's own sub category. Being a physical move seems a bit strange to me. . .

That's neither here nor there and that is never going to happen. I can hope though. Anyways, I like Selfdestruct because taking other Pokemon with you in a massive explosion is just so darn cool. So, what is your favorite Pokemon move and why? I am interested to hear what you have to say, koffi~
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