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Update 3:
- Recieved Chikorita from a man in the underground path, named him Cid.
- Caught a Seedot on Route 6, didn't give him a nickname as I thought the route was 5, I will rename when I can :D
- Evolved Seedot with a rare candy, is now a Nuzleaf :D
- Evolved Cid using a rare candy, he is now a Bayleef.
- Encounter for Vermilion city was a Krabby, named him Mr.Krabs.
- Grinded Daisy on the S.S Anne, finally she evolved into Linoone ;P
- Beat all the trainers and my Rival Green on the S.S Anne, lost no pokemon *To say this is supposed to be harder he was beaten way too easy*
- Recieved cut from the Captain and made my way off the ship.
- Swept Lt.Surge with Kipper, he came out of the fight level 28 going in at level 23 :p
- My Encounter for Route 11 is a Drowzee, Named him Weirdo.
- Caught a Diglett in Diglett's cave (No way right?), Named him Coop.
- Went through Can you Dig its cave, got flash from the Professors aid.
- Caught a Plusle on route 9, named her Pippy.
- Caught a Swablu on route 10, named her Sasha.
- Caught a Makuhita in Rock Tunnel, Named him Spudge.
- Made my way through rock tunnel beating all trainers inside, Trying to train sasha up which is proving hard.


Current Team:

Sasha Level 26.
Female | Natural Cure | Bashful
Sing | Fury Attack | Safeguard | Astonish

Dabby Level 29.
Male | Static | Rash
Karate Chop | Thunderpunch | Flash | Ice Punch

Bubbles Level 31.
Male | Effect Spore | Docile
Mach Punch | Mega Drain | Headbutt | Leech Seed

Kipper Level 30.
Male | Torrent | Brave
Water Gun | Mud Shot | Rock Slide | Growl

Daisy Level 30.
Female | Pickup | Timid
Headbutt | Cut | Tail Whip | Sand-Attack

Weedle, Oddish, Hoothoot, Magikarp, Clefairy, Mareep, Krabby, Nuzleaf, Bayleef, Diglett, Drowzee, Plusle, Makuhita.

Flair the Ponyta, Level 22, Died to Wild Kirlia.