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Update 4:
- Encounter for Route 8 was an Abra which teleported away :l
- Swpet through all the trainers on route 8 lost no team members and got some good exp.
- Caught a Skitty on route 7, named her Giggles.
- Got the Eevee from Celadon city, named him Eve, then used a sun stone on him to get an espeon! :D
- Sasha died at level 33, to an Exeggutor in Erika's gym.
- Decided against taking out Erika for now, went to Team Rocket's base and swept through threm all including Giovanni.
- Kipper evolved into Swampert coming out of the rocket hideout.
- Daisy died at level 30 to Erika's Bellossom.
- Beat Erika only losing 1 team member.
- Got a Tyrogue in Saffron city, named him Dave.
- Beat the Dojo, Didn't choose a pokemon because I already had a Tyrogue.
- Beat Rival Green in the Pokemon Tower.
- Encounter for Pokemon Tower was a Duskull, Named Her Shawl.
- Bubbles died at level 33 to a rocket grunts Golbat.
- Caught a Snorlax on route 12, now my strongest pokemon LOL :D
- Bonzo the Hoothoot evolved into a Noctowl on Route 13.
- Eve died at level 39 to a wild Seviper poison tail critical hit.
- Managed to get through routes 12-14 without losing any more team members, they were pretty beaten up.
- Got given a Lapras in Fuschia City.
- Caught a Gulpin on Route 18, named her Amanda.
- Caught a Spinda on Route 14, named him Carl.


Current Team:

Zeke Level 41.
Male | Thick Fat | Bold
Body Slam | Snore | Rest | Sleep Talk

Bonzo Level 33.
Male | Keen Eye | Jolly.
Take Down | Fly | Reflect | Foresight

Shawl Level 29.
Female | Levitate | Bashful
Foresight | Astonish | Confuse Ray | Pursuit

Kipper Level 38.
Male | Torrent | Brave
Muddy Water | Mud Shot | Rock Slide | Growl

Dabby Level 42.
Male | Static | Rash
Fire Punch | Thunderbolt | Flash | Ice Punch

Moona Level 41.
Male | Water Absorb | Serious
Ice Beam | Confuse Ray | Rain Dance | Perish Song

Hypno, Vileplume, Makuhita, Gyarados, Clefable, Mareep, Delcatty, Nuzleaf, Bayleef, Plusle, Hitmonchan, Dugtrio, Togepi, Kingler, Beedrill, Gulpin, Spinda, Sandshrew, Stantler, Lotad, Heracross.

Flair the Ponyta, Level 22, Died to Wild Kirlia.
Sasha the Swablu died at level 33, to an Exeggutor in Erika's gym.
Daisy the Linoone died at level 30 to Erika's Bellossom.
Bubbles the Breloom died at level 33 to a rocket grunts Golbat.
Eve the Espeon died at level 39 to a wild Seviper poison tail critical hit.


Update 5:
- Going to count the Safari as different parts because in FireRed Omega there is different terain.
- Caught a Sandshrew in the Desert part, Named her Decku.
- Caught a Stantler in the Normal Grass part, Named her Jingles.
- Caught a Lotad in the Rain part, Named him Brotad.
- Caught a Heracross in the Water Front part, named him Raji.
- Did some grinding on my pokemon, got Shawl to evolve mainly for Koga's gym seeing as he resists poison.
- Dabby the Electrabuzz died at level 47 to Koga's Tentacruel, thought I koed it and it had 1 hp, took me down with mirror coat.
- Kipper the Swampert Died at level 43 to Koga's electrode, the stupid thing used Sharpen then explosion
- Zeke the Snorlax died at level 47 to Koga's Venomoth, 2 silver winds with 2 crits and 2 stat boosts.
- Bonzo the Noctowl died at level 45 to Koga's Venmoth, nothing I can do against it now.
- Moona the Lapras died at level 45 to Koga's Venomoth.
- Shawl the Dusclops died at Level 44 to Koga's Venomoth.
- Going to end the challenge there. Can't be bother to train more pokes to die again.