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I've been playing GTA IV a lot over the last couple of weeks and I've really fallen in love with Niko. Despite being a, for a lack of betters terms, mercenary, he's a pretty ... honorable and respectful person.

The man loves his family and he'll do anything it takes to protect them. I love him.


Here are some of the exploits I've gone through recently.
• Rescued Roman... Again... (From Dimitri's thugs.)

• Dated Carmen for a little while then saw that Packie's sister had the hots for me and she seemed much nicer and less trampy than Carmen, so I dumped her. (Carmen, I mean.)

• Saved a Meth head (who appears to have gotten clean) from his former dealers. (Felt really good about that.)

• Helped some psychotic poop-head by disposing of his wife's body (He stabbed her... a lot... for cheating on him. Which I would say is something she deserved... but... I mean c'mon... this guy is cluckin' nuts.)

• Gotten Francis McCrearey out of the hot seat multiple cotton pickin' times.

• Really wanting to put a bullet in his brain, that crooked piece of slime.

• Killed X Playboy as opposed to killing Dwayne.

• Saw the Statue of Happiness Easter Egg

• Robbed a ****ing BANK! I was like, yeeaaaaaauuuuh. Finally got the Colt M4 Carbine gun. Sick of that crappy AK anyway.

So yeah that's about it. Hopefully things work out with Dwayne, Kate and Packie... :/

Oh, shiza! Forgot about this... I hate Packie's brother, Gerald or something... Coming up on me like that... "Don't *cernsored* with my family... or I'll *censored* with yours...

Boy!? Do you know who you are talking to? This is Nikolai Bellic, you on crack, son? I know you're doing that Coke, but dude. I will beat your butt with Niko if you ever threaten me like that again. Ooooooooohhhhh... Gimme a shot you piece of garbage! One shot!

Sorry. Lost the happy. But the happy's back!
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