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It's been a while since I've seen what's new in the gallery ★ єυρнσяıc. You all update so often that it's better for me to just check in cycles.

That said, I can't ever tell what's new, though, latest posting aside. If I might offer a suggestion, and that depends on how difficult it is to use the CSS (or something), you should put dates next to your titles.

With that, The Red Witch of Hamlen has always been a favorite of mine from you. What did I call it months ago, the red angel? Haha, something like that. It still looks as good as ever, I wonder if the original is still around so that I can compare it. Either way, it's always looked wonderful to me.

I was able to tell that the Gengar and Snorlax wallpapers were works I've never seen before. Those look great. Sounds like the Gengar wallpaper just clicked for you reading the description. I think my favorite Pokémon piece, though, is the Marowak and Cubone art. It looks really good. In fact, it's actually kind of emotional when you consider the inevitable.

Cripes, makes you think just how many Marowaks die... I don't ever make suggestions for new Pokémon, but having a skullless Cubone would certainly makes things less morbid. The only other suggestion I've made was for the baby Kangashkan to be a pre-evo to Kangaskhan. How is a baby born with a baby?

Anyway. From what I can tell, things are still looking good, here. The sprites are fun, too, even if they aren't your original art. Kind of like the Pikachu "thread locked" and Spheal ones the most.

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