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Old September 27th, 2013 (5:33 PM).
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The game name sounds familiar, but obviously the thread started a little while after I left, so I guess it was still an idea at the time. (My memory's a bit fuzzy.)

Everything I'm seeing graphics-wise is seriously makin' me drool, here.

The Fakemons I'm seeing are also pretty damn awesome. I LOVE the fact that you've made SLOWBRO'S SHELLDER TAIL A SEPERATE MON. I bow before you. Not only that, but what it EVOLVES INTO is even cooler. (Sorry for the caps, but yeah, really lovin' this.)

Nice touch of realism by making Pokemon death a possibility; should make players a bit paranoid about letting their mons get near fainting range. (Not to mention, we've known mons could die since Gen ONE, so why ISN'T it a possibility in the main games, regardless of being a tad dark?)
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