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All video games (well, only the ones that have a story) have an ending. Which games, in your opinion, had the best endings?

I really liked Dragon Warrior's ending. Towards the end of the game when you reach Dragonlord, you get the option to either join his side or fight against him and rescue the princess. If you join him and help him to accomplish his final mission, your text color changes to red and you turn evil. This may not be the greatest of all endings, but I personally found it to be quite interesting. d:

I'm a big fan of Skyward Sword's ending as well. You discover that the old lady who's been helping you out throughout the game is actually Impa, one of the persons that you meet and become friends with when you time-travel back into the past. Before you get to say anything to her (by knowing who she really is), she turns herself into ashes and disappears into the thin air. It was a very depressing moment for me. If I wasn't being distracted with other things at that time, I probably would've cried. D:
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