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Originally Posted by xSvenx View Post
I like the game, however, honestly, I hope Nintendo doesn't make a game like that.
Because making a game like that would need more work and attention than all previous games combined. It's not that I dont want Pokemon to be 3D with possibility of controlling a Pokemon, it is just that I don't want Nintendo to stop making usual games, where you are a trainer. I wouldn't mind Bethesda (creators of Skyrim) making a game like that, letting Nintendo work on classic concept. But Game Freak would pretty much never allow that.
On the other that, maybe Pokemon game with such a concept wouldn't bge so bad but I think it would need a MUCH STRONGER console.
I don't think they need to give us full control over the Pokemon, which is not that different from the way it is right now. In game like Black & White and Digimon World 1, the creature fight on his own, move, avoid and strike the way you trained him to, and the trainer look from the sidelines commending the use of special attacks.
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