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Does anybody know where I could find a complete soundfont for RSE/FRLG, or could somebody make one please? The only one I've found is missing a few instruments, and its missing the drumset (or drum sets, don't know if there are more than one) from emerald.
The missing instruments are the second church organ found in "rayquaza enters" (in the position of the reed organ), the scakuhachi (beware my spelling isn't perfect)found in one of the Battle Frontier areas(forgot which, sorry), a koto from the same Battle Frontier area, a honky-tonk once again from the same Battle Frontier area.

Also, if some soundfonts for the sound fx could be made (bubbles, wind, truck engine, etc), that would be greatly appreciated.
The samples for SFX can be found in the sound FX (in case it wasn't already obvious), in sappy's list these are 0-200 but I might be off by some.

The soundfonts don't have to be set to the correct number for Anvil Studeo and they don't have to be one big soundfont, that work is something I can do.

Thanks in advance for the making of the soundfonts, or for any help finding a complete one.

Edit: I may be able to do this myself. I've got a program(sorta, its a bunch of java stuff) that rips sounds as soundfonts, and midis from roms that use the sappy engine. I'm working with it, but if anyone wants to help with the soundfont I won't stop you.
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