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Chapter 10
I was tired by the time I reached the foot of the cliff. It didn't help that I started walking down that rocky path from a few minutes of rest after those two humans chased after me.

Even though the air here was not as strong and constant that it was above, at least it was cool here. The trees weren't as thick as the previous ones though, and there are more gaps above the sea of leaves for me to actually see the golden sky.

Golden sky? Must be close to sunset now. Shoot. I need a place to sleep then.

There was a fifty percent chance that those four Pokémon might follow me, so as soon as I found a small stream, I jumped towards it, and carefully continued walking to the direction of where the flow was heading.

The stream will hopefully cut off my scent, disabling them from following where I'll be heading.

The cool water helped me forget how tired and soar my body was, at least for that moment. Aside from the sounds of the water, there were also small groups of water types seated on the edges of the stream. Some of them were merrily chatting amongst themselves, while others took a moment to say hi to me.

Strange that they were also basic Pokémon though. No evolved Pokémon yet, as far as I've noticed.

After about five minutes of walking, I found a small clearing by the edge of the stream up ahead, and I saw a pair of tall tents, and a grayish smoke in the very middle.

Humans. Of course. No other specie would build up tents for shelter.

And that smell... Oh my... that a stew? One nice thing about being an Eevee is my newly gift of smell, and I can smell that it's a beef stew. My mouth started to water as I inch closer and closer to the clearing.

I pull myself out of the water and shook my paws, one by one. I don't know how dogs do it in Earth, but eh, this'll do for now.

It's great that there were tall bushes for me to hide from the humans though.

After brushing myself inside a bush, I cleared some leaves with a paw to have a better look. Three humans, already in their sleeping clothes. Two boys and a girl. Well, the trio looked like their teenagers though, and two of them seem to be a couple. One of the boys and a girl, I mean.

The other boy was seated on his sleeping bag at the entrance of a tent. He was busy with a pencil and sketchpad.

The couple were ‘lovingly’ teasing each other as they stir their cooking pot by the fire.

Judging from how big the pot looked, it seems that they won't be able to eat all of those.

“'kay, it's ready,” the girl called after taking a sip from a spoon. She has a red, short hair, only up to her shoulders.

“Oi, Fritz,” called her boyfriend, as he turned to their friend. “Stop your sketches and help me prepare the plates.”

This boyfriend had dark-blue hair, if the light from their fire isn't blinding my judgement of colors. His hair is long enough to cover both his ears though. This Fritz dude wore glasses, but he doesn't look nerdy at all. He has black, short and seemingly unkept hair.

“You should have prepared the plates while I was cooking, honeybun,” the girl pokes her boyfriend's cheek.

I roll my eyes. Ugh, lovey-dovey couples are sappy and weird.

Fritz then stood with a sigh and walked towards the couple. A small telescope swayed from his neckline as soon as he stood up though. And here I thought ring necklaces were weird...

“You two really know when to disturb me, huh? I was about to finish my sketch of the Eevee and Vulpix up in that mountain.”

Eh? I guess he must have seen Vixie and I while we were staring at Goldenrod City.

The two males prepared...nine...ten...twelve plates? They placed nine plates on the ground, near the fire. Soon, the three trainers threw Pokéballs in the air, calling out names of their partners. Soon, the entire clearing was filled with white light, and those white blobs materialized into nine different Pokémon...which are all in their basic forms.

Let's see here...

The Johto starter trio, two Sentrets, two Pidgeys, a Ledyba and a Hoothoot.

The nine Pokémon happily greeted their trainers, and soon, the girl scooped some stew and poured them on their Pokémon's waiting plates.

I heard a low growl, and I barely caught my gasp. Darn, I'm hungry, yes, but how the heck am I suppose to grab something to eat with nine Pokémon? Worse is that my growling stomach might blow my cover.

Seeing the happy munching Pokémon almost made me want to be captured.

With a sigh, I quietly walked out of the bushes and quietly left the campsite. Seconds after I began walking away, two Pidgeys and a Hoothoot landed a few feet in front of me.

“What is it gu—whoa! An Eevee!” the boyfriend's voice said from behind me.

I gasped and was about to make a run for it when the three flying types extended their wings, blocking any possible direction except to the trainer behind me.

Darn it! I have a runaway ability! Why isn't it working?!

“Oh wow, you're right!” came girlfriend's voice as I spun around.

The three humans were stood on the edge of the clearing, and behind them poked the heads of their curious Pokémon.

“Hey there, little guy,” Fritz said, slowly walking towards me with a gentle smile.

I glared at the approaching trainer, growled and took a few steps back, until I felt a soft feathery pillow on my tail.

“We're not going to hurt you, we promise,” Fritz said, stepping aside for me to see the girl preparing a Pokéball.

“Tell them I don't want to be captured,” I hissed.

A Pidgey shook his head. “Can't do that.”

“I prefer you not put on a fight,” the Hoothoot said. “It'll be quicker that way. And besides, they're pretty good humans.”

“Shouldn't we weaken it first?” the boyfriend asked.

The girlfriend shook her head with a determined smile. “I don't want to hurt a new family member. Just stay back and watch how an expert trainer captures a rare Eevee!”

Fritz rolled his eyes while the boyfriend chuckled.

“Last warning,” I hissed as she prepared herself to throw the Pokéball at me.

I felt my sharp nails on my front paws as she threw the Pokéball. I quickly grabbed a yelping Pidgey and used him as a shield. While still having a hold on him, I pulled myself up with my front paws, making the Pidgey cry in pain, and kicked the beaks of the other birds with my rear paws.

I then pushed the Pidgey aside and dashed forward, and in between the legs of the yelping girl. I headbutted a startled Cyndaquil, pushing him to the others, who stumbled in the process.

I kept my pace towards the plates, and used my mouth to grab the closest meat I could get, and made a run for it.

Dinner is served. Whew...

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