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Originally Posted by Narnia View Post
I'm not getting the games straightaway. In fact I don't even have a 3DS but I'm still looking forward to the games nonetheless! Anyone already got teams planned or something? I can't decide yet and I think I've only seen about fifteen or so new Pokemon. So am I the only one who doesn't have a 3DS or can someone be my lackey? (get it because we lack something) (oh god I think I'm high on sugar)

I actually have a team somewhat planned, although it will probably change as I play through the game and encounter Pokemon that haven't been revealed yet. This is the case though with every generation and my teams always end up being polar opposites from what I expect. However, if I were to make an ideal team from what has been revealed now is would be as followed:


I just love the balance of this team and I adore each and every one of these Pokemon!