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Well I've been really sick for the past week so that's helping things go nice and slowly. But to put things into perspective my birthday was the 12th and that's like 19days past now, even though it felt like I just had it. I'm sure we'll be playing X & Y in no-time.

As for preparing I just bought a new SD card yesterday. My 2GB one was dangerously close to X and Y's GBs so I wanted to make sure I would have room no matter what. (Downloading from e-shop if it wasn't already obvious)

My favorite Pokemon is Bunnelby so far. I think he's supposed to be the Rattatta/Bidoof of the region. So I'm slightly scared for his battle potential. But it doesn't matter 'cus I love the way he looks for some reason and am anticipating an awesome Ground evolution to happen. Can't wait :D
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