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Pokemon embarrassing nicknames, boy where do i begin...?
Want a wall of text?

Well back in the 4th gen, if you were seven i was...10? yeah something like that, I bought Pokemon Pearl because they ran out of Diamond and i had a load of money with me.
Because of that, i had developed a form of hatred towards every pokemon i caught, and that is why i got these nicknames:

Starly "Bird-X"....YEAH, Became my 1st lvl 100 and i was so happy i passed out.
Ditto "Gum" because he looked like a just spit it out of my mouth.
Onix "Unicorn" because i really didnt know what to call him....


Empoleon: "Anna" was a boy....DAMN.

But i had some good names thoughout the years like:

Derpeon the Eevee
Kaede the Chikorita
Holly sh*t the Riolu....
and others
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