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A guy on Instagram has got Pokémon X & Y early, and he uploaded some photos. They don't reveal anything too major, but beware since there are actually spoilers. He's uploaded a few photos, which show places, routes, stats, etc. Some of the previous Pokémon are revealed to be in the Kalos Dex.

What do you think about this? Post your thoughts and ideas!

Friendly reminders:

1) Don't link images from 4chan because the images may disappear or break. Upload the pictures to imgur, photobucket, tinypic, whatever works. Also, resize if you can or put the image in a spoiler.

2) Don't break the 4 word & 25 character rule still! :)

New Kalos Pokémon Leaked/Rumored

Spoiler: - Fletchinder, Fletchling's evolution, Fire/Flying - Floette, Flabebe's evolution - Diggersby, Bunnelby's evolution - Heliolisk, Helioptile's evolution, Electric/Normal - Espurr, Meowstic's pre-evolution, Psychic - Klefki, new key-like Pokemon, Steel/Fairy (Pokedex page - Carbink, new jewel-like Pokemon, Rock/Fairy - Binacle, a barnacle-like Pokemon - Barbaracle, its evolution, Rock/Water - Hawlucha, a new luchador-like bird Pokemon, Fighting/Flying - Unnamed bird-like (penguin?) Pokemon - Bergmite, a new Ice Type Pokemon - Pumpkaboo, some kind of Halloween-like Pokemon - Goomy, Dragon type, possibly pseudo legendary (e.g Dragonite, Salamence) - Sliggo, Goomy's evolution, Dragon type (Pokedex page (Summary page - Goodra, Sliggo's evolution. Pure Dragon type - Skrelp's evolution Clauncher's evolution - Gourgeist, Pumpkaboo's evolution - Avalugg, Bergmite's evolution - Florges, Flabebe's final stage - Phantump, a Ghost/Grass Pokemon - Trevenant (Orotto), Phantump's evolution - Aegislash, Honedge's final stage - Noibat, Noivern's pre-evo, Flying/Dragon

10PM EST, October 4th, we are at 70? new Kalos Pokemon right now (excluding penguin & Mega Pokemon and including differences in Pyroar/Meowstic).

Mega Pokémon Leaked

Spoiler: - Mega Aerodactyl - Mega Gengar - Mega Abomasnow - Mega Gyarados
Arcanite item found in-game

Possible Mega evolutions

Starter's Final Evolution Leaked

New Moves, Abilities, and Re-typed Pokemon

- Spiky Shield: A protect that deals damage if the opponent used a physical move.
- Mystical Fire: A Fire-type Snarl - lowers opponent's Sp.Atk.
- Water Shuriken. Water-type, multi-hit priority move.
- Power-Up Punch: Fighting move, 40 Power, increases Attack by one stage 100% of the time.
- Flying Press: Fighting, 80 Power, the move is a dual type move - both Fighting and Flying.
- Play Nice: Seems to be a Growl clone.
- Crafty Shield: Fairy move, protects from status moves.
- Infestation: A Bug-type Fire Spin. TM given by gym leader.
- Forest's Curse: Turns the target's type into Grass. Seen on Trevenant/Orotto.
- Venom Drench: Lowers Sp.Atk and Speed of a Poisoned Pokemon.
- Trick-or-Treat: Adds Ghost-type to target.
- Oblivion Wing is Flying, Special, 80 Power 100 Accuracy. Restores HP by 'over half' of the damage dealt.
- Phantom Force, which is like Dig. Seen on Trevenant/Orotto.

- There is now an Electric "weather" that boosts Electric moves.

- Fire Pledge now has 80 power.

-Flower Veil: Stop Grass-type allies from having their stats lowered.
- Mega Launcher: Powers up aura and pulse moves.

- Azurill is Normal/Fairy
- Snubbull is pure Fairy
- Mr. Mime is Psychic/Fairy
- Sweet Kiss and Charm are now Fairy moves

8 Gym Leaders

- Viola, Bug type
- Grant, Rock type
- Korrina, Fighting type
- Ramos, Grass type
- Clemont, Electric type
- Valerie, Fairy type
- Olympia, Psychic type
- Wulfric, Ice type

List of all Kalos Pokemon

1 Chespin
2 Quilladin
3 Chesnaught
4 Fennekin
5 Braixen
6 Delphox
7 Froakie
8 Frogadier
9 Greninja
10 Bunnelby
11 Diggersby
12 Helioptile
13 Heliolisk
14 Dedenne
15 Flabebe
16 Floette
17 Swirlix
18 Slurpuff
19 Spritzee
20 Aromatisse
21 Sylveon
22 Furfrou
23 Espurr
24 Meowstic
25 Fletchling
26 Fletchinder
27 Talonflame
28 Trevenant
29 Inkay
30 Malamar
31 Skiddo
32 Gogoat
33 Scatterbug
34 Spewpa
35 Vivillon
36 Clauncher
37 Skrelp
38 Pancham
39 Pangoro
40 Tyrunt
41 Tyrantrum
42 Amaura
43 Aurorus
44 Litleo
45 Pyroar
46 Binacle
47 Barbaracle
48 Hawlucha
49 Honedge
50 Doublade
51 Noivern
52 Carbink
53 Goomy
54 Sliggoo
55 Klefki
56 Bergmite
57 Phantump
58 Pumpkaboo
59 Clawitzer
60 Aegislash
61 Dragalge
62 Florges
63 Avalugg
64 Goodra
65 Gourgeist

66 Xerneas
67 Yveltal

68 Meowstic again
69 Pyroar again

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