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I've played Need for Speed: Most Wanted many years ago on my PlayStation 2, and I absolutely loved it. I've played NFS: Carbon, too, as well as its successor, NFS: Pro Street. They were both great and easy to get yourself addicted to. When they've finally announced Need for Speed: Undercover—the sequel to Pro Street—I was extremely excited for it. I couldn't wait to get my hands on it. I bought the game immediately on the release day, but after only about twenty minutes of playing it, I lost my interest completely. The storyline was kind of confusing to me, and the graphics quality was very generic compared to its procedures. I feel that they've rushed it a little when they were making this game. If they took it slow and gave it a bit more development time, then I'm quite sure that it would have turned out to be at least ten-times better. d:

I've returned NFS: Undercover the day after purchasing it. Since it was open, they've given me only about seventy-percent of my money back.
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