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Has there ever been a time during a playthrough that something had happened, good or bad, that the game really wasn't suppose to do? I'm talking about glitches.

Believe it or not, there a good glitches. Note however, I'm talking about unintentional glitches. Glitches where you're just playing as your normally would and Op! That AI just fell through the bottom of the level.

So have fun, folks.

For me, recently, I was playing Marvel Ultimate Alliance and near the last quarter of the game I was able to hit bosses into the air, knock them off their feet and grapple them! When this was happening, I just believed I over leveled my characters. But I played it again and the same bosses that I was treating like normal enemies in my first playthrough were back to their old, boss-like, ways. No knock ups, no knock backs, no tripping, no grappling.

For real, in that first playthrough, I tossed two bosses off the maps border in two different levels and won that way. Hell, I beat the final boss with a grapple. The final boss! I was like... "Uh, is that suppose to happen?
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