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I had Samael repeatedly walking off the ledge and into the lava in Darksiders II at one the boss battle, about halfway through he separates part of the area from his throne, and he got stuck on the wrong side. To see him go prowling right off the edge - repeatedly - was quite weird, both for the animation and for how he randomly teleported back up. Of course, this meant I couldn't cross back over once I'd killed him, so I had to reset multiple times to get the battle to work how it was supposed to...

I also managed to get Legolas stuck on the chains in the first section of the Mines of Moria in LEGO Lord of the Rings recently...I could do pretty much anything except get him out from behind there. I have no idea how he even got there in the first place! But then, LEGO games in general are horrendously buggy in my experience...standing in front of the Uruk Hai boss in the next level caused him to stand in the same area and be completely invincible to everything.
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