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I've had a lot of glitches happen to me. The most recent glitch would have to be when I was playing Call of Duty: Black Ops II on my Xbox. Somehow, I had my gun disappear from my hand for an entire match. When I tried to shoot from the gun, nothing would happen. Not even a single bullet was able to get out. It was an extremely strange glitch. I'm quite sure that not many people have experienced it. If they did, then they would've posted tons of videos about it on YouTube already. Haha.

One of my friends was in the match with me at the time of this glitch, but she was able to see the gun on her screen though, and when I hit the trigger, she was able to see bullets coming out of it just fine. She was able to hear the gun making noises as well. On my end, the gun refused to make any sort of noises at all.

All of this had prevented me from making any kills with that gun. The only way that I was able to take down my enemies was if I either used my rocket launcher to blast them away, or if I used the knife to sneak up behind them and slice their throats. It was fun to not play the game with a gun, but it was also a big challenge for me, since I'm not very experienced when it comes to playing games like Call of Duty. Well, actually, I do have some experience I guess since I've been playing CoD games for about three to four years, but I'm just not very good at them. d:
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