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Welcome join in on the fun, start a heated debate where everyone is on your side :D

while Pokemon is desperately trying to look more and more like Digimon, the latter has been able to keep it's varied aesthetics since year one, with a tiny bits of changes, with there now being a more dynamic pirate Digimon and OP's featuring the recently completed Greek gods group.

That is what I liked about digimon, since it doesn't have limitations because its all digital and stuff we cannot run out of ideas unlike pokemon... (I bet we will have a tentacle legendary if you know what I meanXD)
You can see this guy is a human so thats why digimon is so epic it can just minorly change a digimon and it looks just as cool. give this pirate a new outfit.. heck he's a new monster :D

here for the greek gods group :D

TADA click me for the fun

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