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Anyone know why this is happening? I've yet to change the pallette so I know it's going to look funny color-wise, but why is it all off-center and shrunken? What did I do wrong, and how can I fix it?

Actual titlescreen:

oi43 (dot) tinypic (dot) com/23k6ywx (dot) jpg

What it should be:

oi40 (dot) tinypic (dot) com/2mwf98h (dot) png

EDIT: So now I tried using an image that fit the map perfectly (this one: "oi42 (dot) tinypic (dot) com/2yjpyyu (dot) png") instead of a 128x128, and unLZ refuses to repoint even if I give it the offset for the free space. What is going on?!

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