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Originally Posted by KriegStein View Post
In persona 4. Theres just so much that happens in it. Basicly there are many people who become essential to you especialy your cousin Nanako. Shes realy young (about 8-11 or something) and heartwarmingly innocent, shes always happy eventhough her mother died and her dad is...well he has some trouble parenting alone. Basicly you become emotionaly attached to this little girl who calls you big bro.. And then all sorts of things happen. Im not gonna spoil Persona 4 because its amazing. You should definetly play it and see it for your self.
EDIT: I forgot the thalmor in skyrim... Ive kept a head count about how many of them and certain imperials ive killed... I just reached the 500 mark... :D Oops.
I must be the only one who was glad to what happened to her...OK not glad, but I really didn't care. Just another person to the list. I felt more sympathy for the mail man.

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