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Quote originally posted by daniilS:
I have made a simple script that swaps the defense and special defense stats. This can be used for the moves psystrike, psyshock, secret sword, and custom moves (f.e. physical doing special damage). Here it is, in BSP form:

#dynamic 0x720000
#freespacebyte 0xFF

#include moves.bsh

#org @start attackcanceler accuracycheck 0x1D695E 0x0 call @swapphysicalspecialdefence attackstring ppreduce calculatedamage attackanimation waitanimation cmd5c 0x0 waitstate datahpupdate 0x0 graphicalhpupdate 0x0 critmessage waitmessage 0x40 resultmessage waitmessage 0x40 call @swapphysicalspecialdefence goto 0x1D6947

@swapphysicalspecialdefence copyarray 0x020247DC @fourbytesoffreespace 2 copyarray 0x020247DA 0x020247DC 2 copyarray @fourbytesoffreespace 0x020247DA 2 copyarray 0x02024840 @anotherfourbytesoffreespace 2 copyarray 0x0202483E 0x02024840 2 copyarray @anotherfourbytesoffreespace 0x0202483E 2 return

This is very useful! How much testing have you done?
My main concern is whether it'll work for double battles?
ie. If you were to target the second opponent's pokemon,
or your own pokemon would it still work?

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