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Sooo, I know it's a little later than I originally said, but at least it's here on Monday :D
Without further adieu, go here for the latest release, v1.2.

This release introduces a few things;
Some events work better or properly now.
Turn on and off, at will, the Manual PokéDex, with this you can check for Pokémon on the PokéDex that you haven't seen already, at will... At the point of you sending out your Pokémon, just hold the "UP" button, this will act as if you've used the PokéDex yourself, if you turn this feature off, you don't need to do anything.
Some grammar problems have been fixed.
Some new maps have been added, the new audio files give a slight insight to a couple.
New items have been added, I think this adds uniqueness.
Graphics have been changed or added.
Plus many other new features.
Jump on over to "", and download v1.2.

Have fun and as usual, report any problems you encounter.
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