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Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:

Once in a while I come back to check on a small list of fics.

Only 3 months hiatus is quite good.

Congratulations on university!
Thank you! I suppose three months is quite short, yeah - though my return to fanfiction is somewhat marred by the fact that my updates are going to be incredibly few and far between, at least for the next ten weeks.

Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:
Edit: onto the fic itself

- Noooo Niamh's been assimilated!
- Maybe somebody else on some other site noticed something wrong somewhere, but I didn't. Listen to that somebody and not to me.
I know. It's a terrible shame, isn't it? Niamh will make quite the opponent. And someone will need to change her back - but what could possibly undo the metamorphosis Weland inflicted? Find out... later.

Quote originally posted by teamVASIMR:
So I went and googled the phrase, “No hallucination could be this annoying.” (thought it was a quote)

The only result was a short story involving a girl named Hayley.

Written by some Malaysian blogger in 2009.

What gives.
Weird. I'm going to have to look that one up myself. (For the record, it isn't a quote, but now you mention it, it does sound like one. I think I might have had a similar-sounding line in mind when I wrote it.)

For information about A Grand Day Out, a bizarre short story in video game form, click here.
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