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Chapter 17



A groan escaped my lips as I moved my body, which felt really really strange at the moment. I'm lying on my back, on a very flat and uncomfortable bed, and I could feel the thin blanket covering my body, except for my head. it morning already?

I grabbed the blanket and tossed it to the side. I sat up and stretched my arms as I grit my teeth. After that, I dropped both my arms back as I yawned. I then started rubbing the sleep off of my eyes with my...hands?

I blinked as I stared at the human hand right in front of my face.

Chirping noises... They sounded louder now. Iorgetting the hand for a moment, I turned to the noises and saw two little blue birds hopping inside my room from an opened window and landed beside an opened box of pizza on the nearby table. The two birds started pecking on the leftover pizza.

Oh yeah... I did order pizza last night. But I didn't manage to finish it and left it there...and now the birds are eating my breakfast.

I looked back at my two hands again. I wiggled my fingers, and they moved.

I heard the birds viciously flapping their wings as they chirped in panic. I looked back at the window and gasped in horror.

A large human eye was staring back at me from the outside! The huge head moved upwards, and I briefly saw the giant's manic smile before it pushed its large and lengthy arms through my window, breaking it in the process! It stretched its palm open to grab me!

I suddenly heard a lot of panic shouts in the background as I pushed myself further back, but the giant arm quickly grabbed me, squeezing me as I was pulled outside—

—the cage...?

“Oh, you poor thing...” I heard a female voice, from a sea of faint voices, as I felt myself being carried like how humans carry a newborn baby.

I felt a swish of air, probably whoever was carrying me turned a bit. I briefly saw a uniformed guy locking the cage, probably from where I was sleeping. There were other white and clean cages, but my blurry eyes couldn't focus on any creatures inside...

I suddenly felt my tired body... My furred body... I looked up and saw Nurse Joy with a look of worry as she looked ahead and walked...somewhere...

I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, so I slightly moved to get comfortable. My little struggle made the nurse glance down on me with a small smile.

“Don't worry little one... I bet a good and healthy breakfast will fix you right away!”

...horay that I'm still a small Eevee...and horay that I'm being treated like a child... I sighed. Well, at least that dream reminded me of how much I missed being a human. Hopefully, that'll give me strength to keep on looking for a way to get back, since Bill is no longer an option...I think...

...I just hope there's no titan invasion back on earth...

I heard a creaking noise as a fresh cool breeze swept by and the soft morning rays of the sun temporarily blinded me. Nurse Joy went outside? With me?

Nurse Joy turned and then started walking.

I faintly remembered that I got captured by the animal con—er...the Pokémon control...unit? So, does this mean Nurse Joy pulled me out from ‘prison’? Can't get my hopes up just yet though. She might just be a nurse there, just checking up on the Pokémon.

I'm not comfortable with the idea that there are Pokémon being caged against their will. Then again, I shouldn't really trouble myself with them, no matter how sad the idea was. I should worry about myself more...

I sighed... I don't want to sound selfish...but I don't want to stay as an Eevee forever... I want to be a human again! And despite my sucky luck with the girls, there was one girl that I was planning to ask out on a date! I was just...gathering my courage...slowly... Sigh...

I heard a mechanical hiss from the sliding glass door, and the instant it opened for us, my powerful and hungry nostrils was struck with a lot of delicious scents of food that instantly flooded my mouth, and my stomach immediately started a noise barrage...

The nurse chuckled at my reddened and embarrassed face.

She put me on a table, like, literally on top of a table, just beside the glass window of the cool restaurant. She sat on a chair and smiled at me, before turning her attention to the menu after the waiter arrived and gave it to her.

She ordered some salad, and the waiter nodded as I rolled my eyes. Sheesh, even the girls here are on a diet to stay in shape. Then again, why shouldn't they? Nurse Joy seems attractive enough, and around my human age, at least, and I could definitely be willing to ask her out, if I weren't a Pokémon.

But...she lacks...the spark? I dunno. I only try and ask girls out if the instant I saw them, I feel this weird ‘spark’... Though most of those with the spark are already in a relationship...hence why I am still single...

A few of my friends kept on urging me to ask the other single ladies back home, but they don't have the spark, so I didn't bother.

...or maybe I'm just being picky?

“What would you like to have?” Nurse Joy asked as she slipped the Pokémon food menu on my paws.

...and no. I will not consider this as a date...

I stared at the assorted blocks of colored marshmallows with slight irritation until I sighed and randomly pointed at something. The waiter nodded at us before he left, promising us that the food will arrive shortly.

“So,” Nurse Joy said, smiling at me. “The people at Pokémon Control assigned me to look after you while your trainer accidentally left you here all alone...”

So I was right all along that Nurse Joy's just doing this to me because it's her job now... I sighed. I was still clinging to a faint hope that something caused Bill's train ride to be cancelled... I let the nurse babble as I stared at the city beyond the glass window.

On the bright side, at least I'm not caught by some random trainer and forced to travel with him...or her. And at least I won't be starving in the streets. Still, I'm a bit impatient. Okay, I'm really impatient.

Hm... Maybe I should go to Bill's home and see what things I can dig up...

“—so until then, you'll be staying in the center until your trainer comes back to pick you up.”


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