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Ughhhh water types I have so many favorites! Let's see if I can narrow it down to between 3-5 Pokemon lines.

Totodile - One of my top three favorite Pokemon + my favorite starter. How can I not vote for it. Yeah, it might be nostalgia talking here but I've loved it ever since I first picked it on my Silver version and it never faltered. I loved Ash's Totodile. I loved Silver's Feraligatr. It's... it's just an amazing Pokemon to me. Cute little crocodile~

Azumarill - I don't quite know why I love Azumarill so much. I think I just loved the idea of an aqua rabbit for as long as I can remember. It's adorable and it's actually one of the few shinies I have. Makes it love it even more. ♥

Milotic - At first I don't think I thought much of Milotic. But after reading Pokemon Special I fell in love with Mimi. Then I had a Milotic on Emerald and it just rocked the Beauty section of contests. After that I SRing a Shiny Milotic to have on my Pearl team and just in general Milotic was a Pokemon that really grew on me. Now I'm fairly certain that it has become one of my top ten Pokemon overall. ♥
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