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Hm, well, I'm not sure if you can call this "power failures" per-se, but, I've had my share of battery problems when I was playing on my Gameboy. Back then, I used to be really careless and lose the back color of my Gameboy a lot, which exposed the batteries. As you ca probably tell, the power of my Gameboy constantly dies out, because of a battery accidentally being knocked lose, so.. I had to save often when I was playing games like Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, and Pokemon Gold. Let me tell you - it was a tedious task.

In fact, I can remember a time when I was playing Legend of Zelda: Oracle of Ages, where I was fighting the Shadow Hag, who was the 3rd boss in the game. Of course, I lost the batter cover on my game, and, well, let's just say I forgot to save before walking into the dungeon at the first place. I finally figured out how to beat her (where you'd have to bounce the scent seeds through the wall back at her) but then, my step sister came and accidentally knocked into me, which knocked my batteries loose. Ugh, I was sooooo frustrated because it took 30 mins + to figure out what to do and do it all over again.

Another instance was when I was playing pokemon Yellow - I finallllly beat the champion because I thought that Blue was hard as hell the first time I fought the pokemon league. Then of course, my battery died out. I never even reached Blue for like, 5 more tries until I finally won. Can I quickly just say? I hate the cylindrical batteries from that experience. xD Sooo glad they revise the battery pack for the Nintendo 3Ds.
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