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I personally loved the ending to No More Heroes. All the fourth-wall breaking cracked me up xD

Since we're on the topic of endings, I personally love any ending in Heavy Rain involving Madison Paige (except for when she ends up with Ethan - I hate Ethan's character), but my favorite with her is probably Square One.


Madison's insomnia was undoubtedly my favorite disorder amongst the characters, mostly because it was developed in an interesting new way (burglar attack dreams/hallucinations) instead of the usual symptoms that insomniacs experience. I like this ending mostly because it can be hard to understand when you first watch it, but once you figure out how it works, it's one of those "oh my god, that's so cool" moments.

Another favorite from Heavy Rain is the best ending involving Lauren, A Mother's Revenge.


Lauren is my second favorite character behind Madison. This ending shows just how powerful a woman can be if you harm her child. Lauren keeping her promise and finishing Scott off herself is a major uplift to losing a character (to get this ending, either Jayden or Madison has to die in their fight against Scott at the Old Warehouse). Honestly, she's just so badass in this scene that I can't not love it.
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