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I adore Terraria. It's a game that I only started playing in the last couple months because Olli forced me to but it's utterly addictive and so much fun to play. It's not as expansive as Minecraft and doesn't have quite as much to do (depending on how imaginative you are) but I prefer Terraria by a long shot. It's one of those games that once you start you just can't stop haha. Though with uni and such getting in the way I was kind of forced to - I never even managed to clear the corruption </3

Originally Posted by krazzikk View Post
I absolutely adore this game, with over 300 hours of game time on it and 2 years of owning it. I have tons of fun progressing through a new world with a group of friends every time a new update comes out, but what was really fun was the PvP Hardcore Survival game mode, where there's 2 teams (or just a 1v1) and both teams go to separate sides of the world. They gather resources, make a base, and maybe develop a sneaky tactic. Then after the first night, they can cross the middle line of the world, and attack each other when they please. The only problem is finding people to play as I only know a couple people who like doing this.

If anyone wants to try it out I'd love to!
I'd definitely be up for this, just let me know when! :D
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