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I love the Super Mario Bros. series! I've been introduced to it when I was about six or seven, and I've stuck around with the franchise ever since. My first game was Super Mario 64. I've bought this game, along with a few others, when I went out to the mall one day with my mom for some Christmas shopping. This game was quite addictive for. The first day I got my hands Super Mario 64, I ended up playing it for nearly seven straight hours. xD My dad played with me for the first couple of hours, and he enjoyed it a lot. Seven hours of video games for one day was way over my limit, but my mom didn't get quite upset about it. She did restrict me from playing any games the next two days though, which sucked. :(

So far, I've played all the Mario games that have been ever released… well, other than the ones that weren't available in English. xD I couldn't get my hands on some of the older Super Mario games physically, but I was still able to play them on my computer thanks to all the emulators that people have built over the years.

My favorite Mario game would have to be Super Mario Sunshine. The graphics quality was absolutely fantastic for a GameCube game, and its music were very fun to listen to. They were all pretty catchy. The story was great, too. It had the ability to drag you into the game in an instant. Oh, and I loved the tropical environments that were in this game! The sand, the palm trees, the ocean, the sunshine—all of it were pretty brilliant. They had the ability to lift up your mood quite easily.
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