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The Staff Feedback Thread

Back by popular demand!
For reference, The Staff Feedback Thread, Pt. I

Much like the first incarnation of this thread, we've decided to post this thread here (again) to gauge how well the user-base (Non-staff) thinks the forum is being run by the staff team, because your opinion is what really matters to us in the long run.

Use this thread to post your honest opinions of how well you think the site is being run. This thread is here because your input is invaluable to the forum running process - we wouldn't be here if not for all of you. If there's anything you feel we could be doing any better, please please please feel free to post it here. If it's something that's bothering you, something you've noticed around PC, etc., it's something worth posting here, basically.

That being said:
  • Feel free to give constructive feedback for any staff member, Moderator through Site Administrator. Also on the staff in general.
  • Leave any personal grudges, gripes, disagreements, etc, out of this thread. No exceptions.
  • Do not rant. This thread is meant have a friendly atmosphere, to be constructive and positive in nature. Again, no exceptions.
  • Feel free to post your opinions here, but they're not meant to be debated amongst yourselves in this thread. Go debate in D&D.
  • Anything following those rules is constructive & appropriate for this thread. Add anything and everything you'd like!


Failure to abide by the above rules, as well as all the usual PokéCommunity Rules regarding language, appropriateness, respect, etc., will result in swift punishment. No exceptions.

If you have any questions about the thread or what would be acceptable to post here, please feel free to drop me a PM or VM, or to contact another Higher Staff member. Get posting!

CSS @ stranger 2012. Original thread by Razor Leaf
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