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Originally Posted by RemixinROMulus View Post
Hi everyone,
I'm a rom hacker and a complete nerd and know-it-all on Generation III pokemon.

Hello there, Romulus! Hope you're enjoying your stay so far <3 And I hope you find the ROM hacking section essential :D

Originally Posted by Angelicsailor View Post
Hello! Hope you al had/have a NICE DAY~!
I hope YOU have a nice day today as well! Today is such a beautiful day to play Pokemon (and for me, watching sports! weeee!) Welcome to you too as well <3

Originally Posted by BroChickaBowWow View Post
hey dawgs what sup? haha see what i did thar lol. im such a dork hahaha.
yo sup. welcome, homie. :D i'm a dork too, no worries yo ;D

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