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Hello good people!

Note : I am currently only trading starters until I can begin IV breeding again and transfer Pokemon over from 5th Gen.

Welcome to MMH's Trade Emporium!!!

Guide :

I. Starters/Legendaries/"Rare" Pokemon
II. Shinies
III. Events
IV . IV breeds
V . EV Trained Pokemon
VI . Items

Starters :
(As of right now, they will all come in eggs)


Various Pokemon of Interest :
(As of right now, they will all come in eggs besides the Yveltal)

-Snorlax (Will soon breed Munchlax)
-Throh (Y Exclusive)

If you would like me to breed you a Pokemon not on this list and it is obtainable in Pokemon Y, feel free to ask and I will find it and breed it.
Other groups will be added once I do transfers from other games and begin IV breeding.

Right now I am currently looking for:
*Dittos w/ Max IVs in each stat (ex; One Ditto with Max speed, and so on)
*Xerneas (Just to record in my PokeDex, I can let you do the same with my Yveltal)
*Charizardite X
*Mewtwonite X

But feel free to offer anything!

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