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Originally Posted by LassLaura View Post
Well I WOULD give this a rave review, but:

1) My entire computer freezes when I try to play the demo unless I disable the opening video.

2) Once I finally get into the game, my controls are screwed. Pressing any direction moves me a random number of steps in that direction, if it does anything at all. Menu inputs are also heavily delayed. I somewhat assume this has to with needing a high-end computer to run this. Or at least higher-end then mine (mine's pretty crappy).

3) Everything's too small in battle. Couldn't you blow up the sprites by x2? If the animated sprite filesizes become too large by doing that you could use D/P/Pl or HG/SS sprites instead. Animooted =/= better (to me at least).

4) Some unnecessary scripts like the TP gain one. FFX mechanics don't belong in Pokemon. Minimap and combat log are also unnecessary.

5) A picture of the pokemon's sprite would look more accurate in the status menu.

6) Typos (snaged, summery) and some move descriptions being too long for the text box (Quick Attack).

I figure some of these have been addressed in the month and a half since this thread's been posted in, but in case they haven't, well there you go. My two cents.
  1. Probably, you don't have the right codec. I will include a link in the next release.
  2. Actually, its the friendship script refreshing your party every step. (Fixed a while ago.)
  3. I made an expansion pack for larger battlers, I will upload that soon.
  4. Those can be disabled, fairly easily. I will make tutorials on how to do that.
  5. I will make an expansion pack that makes those portraits sprites.
  6. Screenshot them and show me where the problem is at.

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