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Quote originally posted by Piks:
Famons just don't know when to stop being a fool.

A real Ash fan will know that DP was a piece of trash.

BW series had great battles, great character development, interesting battle Tournments, and a great Pokemon League, the Decolore saga was something interesting and different for a change, Ash's Unova team was pure badass.

XY is turning out to be looking great so far, i can see Ash getting a Skiddo and a Litleo as his next Pokemon.

XY anime series does seem like it will be a mixed of all the past Pokemon series put together.
I agree with you. I hated DP. even the game was bad to me.
XY are looking great. I can't wait to watch it.

BW was not a nightmare. It was pretty awesome from my point of view.
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