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Hi, I just read the LetterLock Challenge, and was inspired to create another somewhat similar challenge. This challenge would still be quite different from it though, as you make the chain as you go.

One rule: The team you play with MUST keep the chain (see Letterlock challenge) intact!

Basically, it comes down to the following:
- Imagine you start with Turtwig, like the example in the read letterlock thread, You can catch Gastly. Then you can catch Yanma. However, Gastly evolves into Haunter! This means you have to rush to the PC and ditch all pokemon except one, because you can't make a chain otherwise (you could keep just Haunter for example, allowing you to catch Rufflet and add Turtwig back in your team, until...).
- You can always go to the PC and switch some of your Pokemon, but you must keep the chain intact.
- Finally having a chain of 6 pokemon, you can catch any pokemon you want. But when you want to use them, you have to make a proper chain. Failing to making a chain of 6 pokemon means that you can't catch pokemon that don't fit the chain.

There is still one flaw in this idea: I don't want to make a solo challenge of it, so, there should be a rule of 'at least x number of pokemon' in it, so maybe something like 'have at least as many pokemon as you have badges', but I don't want to make it too hard.

This challenge would NOT be a nuzlocke, because the combination kills the fun: you must be allowed to keep catching pokemon because you are already puzzling with the chain.

The reason I'm not trying to make a thread of this is because I just started a monocolour challenge. But feel free to do so anytime! (And finalize the idea into a proper challenge)
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