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I read the whole tutorial but i'm not sure if anyone has covered any of what i'm about to ask in these 37 pages of posts...

1) Is there any specific way to control what HM move is enabled or disabled outside battles? or are those functions integrated with the badge flags?
For example, I'd like to enable Surf or Cut without getting a badge using a simple script or after a normal trainer battle. Is it possible?

2) I take it trainerbattle 0x1 is a gym leader battle, is this correct?
If so, is there any way to control what sprite will be shown and the name of the Leader? or do I just modify the text name and the sprite and use any gym leader ID already in the game?

3) Is it possible to select what music will be played during a specific trainer battle? For example, if I want the 8th Gym Leader to use the E4 Champion music... or use a different song for each Leader.
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