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A poetry thread, gathering what a certain someone wrote and left behind....

"Even when this mortal shell is gone...My spirit...will live on..."
~Zemus, Final Fantasy IV

Hello. The quote I posted may have come from an evil character that definitely meant something else, but the message itself resonated with my mind and heart all the same. Even after we die, even if we don't believe in God....all living things, especially humans, have the tendency to leave their footprints behind. Even the male black widow spider, cannibalized by its mate after mating, supplies her with the nutrients necessary for her to continue to live. Even though it didn't last, it made a difference.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that no matter how useless we see ourselves because of our lack of self-esteem or how great we see ourselves because of our pride, we can still make a difference in someone's life. Maybe that's something outside the comfort zone for some of you, but kindness does keep the world afloat. What you do in your lives can inspire people to do the same for someone who truly needs it.

"You can't change the world without getting your hands dirty."
~Lelouch Lamperouge, Code Geass

Riddel was that person for me. Despite everything the world threw at her, she carried on and did not waver. She continued to be kind even after finding out she was going to die. All I could be for her was a misguided pillar of support. Years went by after she passed away, and gradually I began to grasp the kind of person she truly was. And over the past few years, I tried showing the world what she meant to me. And some of these things came from unfinished fan fiction works. I gave up many times because I lacked the motivation but recently I felt its spark turn on again.

I already posted her poems in other forums, and now I want to show them here. Depending on the feedback, I might post many times throughout the day, once a day being the minimum amount. Comments are appreciated but not necessary. All I want to do is post her works and hopefully someone would be inspired to write. Her legacy will live on.

Here is the first poem I wanted to post. And I thank the PC administration for letting me and all writers be exempt from the double-post rule.


Frail as I am
My mind is more so
Though life is confusing
I am more so

I spout off words
Hoping to reach anyone and then turn away
Before giving anyone the chance to speak

So standing before you now
My eyes water up as I choke on my words
Redemption for the poor girl that I am
Redemption is what I seek
For all the words of yours I never heard
And for all the words of yours I now never will

My foolishness gets the better of me
I, the weaver of words
I, the child of literature

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