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Quote originally posted by juperos94:
where to find eliza after beating central area and i found the sword
Go to Crystal Villa, she is always there.

Quote originally posted by w3ndigiirl:
can u name all the legendaries in there?? ) im kind of interested
Well, the legendary Pokemon in this hack are: Victini, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem(With white and Black form), Keldeo, Genesect, Latios, Latias, Entei, Suicune, Raikou, Celebi, Deoxys, Darkrai, Cressidia, Mew, Mewtwo(With Y mega form), Shaymin and Giratina.

Quote originally posted by patchlist:
you scraggy backsprite looks like a paper cutout... And litwicks animation is a bit too much
It is a problem, but I'm not sure if I can do it better...

Quote originally posted by Dachau:
When I go to the Ancient Cave to catch Volcarona, the cave is sealed. There are three braille walls, but there is no opening to get in the cave. I have completed the Challenge Bridge and Central Area, and I have caught every legendary except Volcarona and Eliza.

Also, where's the stupid ancient sword? :l
Use dig near the wall in the end of the cave, and it will be opened. Eliza is a Zoroark, it is not a legendary Pokemon. You can find the sword in a cave of Waterwave Path.

Quote originally posted by LegendaryMalZ:
Awesome hack!

At this moment I've caught
Mew, Celebi, Shaymin, Cresselia, Deoxys, Latios, Genesect, Darkrai, Reshiram, Keldeo, Suicune, Entei, Raikou, Kyurem, and TWO Giratina! Still missing Arceus and Eliza, where are they by the way? Are there anything else I missed out?
Arceus is on Azure Hall, you can get there from the entrance of Mt.Skywall in Marble City, but you need Azure Flute firstly, it can be found somewhere in Central Area. You can get a silver sword in an underground cave on Waterwave Path.

Quote originally posted by balrogpogi:
hi ,if i patch the v2.33 to clean emerald rom, it was 32 mb all?
Yes, because I expanded the rom before.

Quote originally posted by hate++:
aside from blaziken, lucario and ampharos, can i have more mega pokemons ?
More than these, You can find the mega form of Absol and the X mega form of Mewtwo.
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