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Oh wow, someone remembers me. How touching. :'D Thanks, man.

I'm on phone like always so will keep this short. Cirno deserves a medal for the work she does in NU/W. She's ****ing awesome. I bet quuuuuite a big portion of new members even decided to stay here ONLY because she made them feel welcomed around here. Props to Shivi and Suicune for managing XY. It gotta be chaotic, huh? And Sydian. The one person who I have utmost respect for. She manages her sections like a boss [i wanted to be like her when i was staff omg] and is the oldest mod here right now. Vertigo is doing an awesome job in ccnp too. Good job, mah homie dipu!! Astinus and Li....Orange-kun. Ya peeps doing a good job so far. Again, happy you got promoted!

And I don't think I even need to talk about how much I looooooooooove Alexial and TwilightBlade. You guys know how I feel about ya. Talking of ex staff though, I miss Cid. A lot.

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