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Ya no its one of the upset momet of my life. here is what happen with me-

I was playing GBA newly ordered from net (cause india doesn't sell GBA NDS or any other console instead of PSP 2,3) And i was too happy about it i started playing Dragonball z buu's Fury after 5 days i complete it (For 5 days i has saved the game) My last save was at when goku and vegeta fight with gohann absorbed buu and i was playin the gba with my both hands but i was holding loose and then my dog come and he tried to get some love from me (He was walking around me) And then suddenly when i finished the game and try to save it my dog jumped over it and it fell from my hand but i was able to catch it then my little brother come and say i need to play with him i say no so he quarreled with me that time he tried to kick in my hands(He is not bad he is a little noty) and then my GBA goes up and fell in the ground and the battery was lose somewhere in the sofa. So i said myself that i am not gonna ever use this GBA Console on my ife i sold the GBA to my neighbour friend in 1500 Ruppe. I done this cause i was tooo upset you know how it feel when your all hard work goes to water. After then i started playing GBA games on computer By VBA emulator i was too happy again when i download the VBA. And sometimes it happen again in the power cut but you know we can save the file in VBA By clicking shift + F1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 There is a option in VBA also so for then the only time i save the game by itself when i finish it or if it autometicly saves.

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