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Originally Posted by Scyke View Post
Magic Fox and Skymin do a good job in the Roleplay Corner, are decently active and great to talk with. Kudos to them and stuff.
Thank you :3.

Originally Posted by ★Hoenn★ View Post
The Roleplay Corner, we-elll... it could be a bit more friendly. I'm not holding a personal grudge or a complaint or a whine or anything here, but the place is a bit too intimidating for me. Never mind that, I'm sure all the RP'ers can beat me to a punch if I go on lol. I'm also sure Skymin and Magic Fox handle the place well.
Sorry to cut your post down so much ><. I'm sorry to hear you say that RPC is a bit intimidating. However, I agree with you to a certain extent. Many roleplays seem inaccessible to newcomers as they are filled with regulars, or people who have a lot of experience writing long, detailed roleplay posts. Our discussion thread is also rather stale... it goes through active patches.

That being said, I hope you give RPC another shot. I have a new roleplay event that will be open to newbies, based on the Kalos region. I hope that it'll encourage more people to join in with the roleplays rather than feeling unable.
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