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Originally Posted by HeavyOctillery View Post
Since my attempt at fixing my sig size failed, what do I need to do to fix it, exactly? Admittedly, I don't understand the whole 'pixel size' thing w/ sigs. :/
Here's your signature without a disabled tag:

It's been nearly 3 years, and this STILL isn't a usable emote? If ya want this to be usable as much as I do,
copy & paste to show your support!

Support Amber IDE.......because, seriously, we need an actual Pokemon game engine.

I like to use whatever Pokemon someone wouldn't expect, as long as it's usable. I pay attention to stat values & natures, but I try not to
wreck my nerves over trying to get them 'perfect'. I don't treat them like brainless drones for some reason, even though they are. many fangames I'd looked forward to have gone belly-up since I was last here.....BLARGHENFARGHEN.

You have one too many userbars in your signature, and when you stack them together while keeping the text, it will exceed the 350px height limit. The reason it was disabled was because of this:


The combined width on that row of images is 608px, which is still 8px above the limit. Hope this helps you understand better.