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October 11, 2013

It’s been a busy two weeks at work, with no sign of let up in the near future, so Pokémon training has taken a back seat to other priorities.

I did take my current team out for some significant training on Route 22. I had a few Magmarizers that I got from Alexa’s Antique Shop on Green Grimer Avenue, so I used one on Magmar, and it evolved into Magmortar!

“Magmortar, the Blast Pokémon, and the evolved form of Magmar. Magmortar shoot 3,600 degrees Fahrenheit fireballs from their arms. When they do, their bodies take on a whitish hue from the intense heat.”

281. Magmortar

I retired that team of Pokémon, and then rotated the next group for training: Electabuzz, Sandslash, Seviper, Absol, and Metang. This time, I went south of Humilau City to Route 21 to explore it further.

October 13, 2013

When exploring more of Route 21, I found a cave entrance on one of the shores. According to the map, it’s apparently the north entrance to the Seaside Cave. This must be how people travelled between Undella Town and Humilau City before the underwater tunnel was created. After doing significant exploring in the cave, I stopped in the Pokémon Center in Undella Town to rest my Pokémon. I unexpectedly received a new medal while I was there!

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 85/125
New Medals:
Hustle Muscle

I returned to the Seaside Cave, and found another exit further in. This exit lead to a small beach where I saw a large ship moored there. It was the Team Plasma Frigate! When I arrived, I found Marlon onboard, lowering a bridge to make a way to enter the frigate. Hugh arrived just a few moments after me. Marlon said he didn’t want to get involved in our quarrel with Team Plasma, but did want to help Hugh and me out. Marlon took his leave, but the noise alerted the Team Plasma members on the ship. So Hugh and I boarded the ship, and battled the many Team Plasma grunts aboard.

October 14, 2013

I continued to battle aboard the Plasma Frigate. I stumbled upon an Electirizer in one of the cabins, which I needed and promptly gave to Electabuzz. Hugh and I did finally find Zinzolin, and he had already succeeded in capturing Kyurem! They drew upon Kyurem’s power to freeze Opelucid City and the surrounding area. So that was their secret weapon! We battled Zinzolin, and won, but not before the Shadow Triad showed up and dumped us on the beach. The Plasma Frigate took off to the east. We were so close!

I stopped back in Humilau City to rest up at the Pokémon Center. After getting my Poké Balls back from Nurse Joy, I found my Electabuzz had evolved into Electivire!

“Electivire, the Thunderbolt Pokémon, and the evolved form of Electabuzz. Electivire close in on their opponents and shove their tails onto their foes. The instant they do, they send over 20,000 volts of electricity into the foe.”

282. Electivire

Later that evening, I found out Fennel was ready to send more Pokémon to the Dream World, so I figured I’d go back there to see what I could find, and I had a stroke of luck!

Dream World: Zebstrika. Found: Combee that knows Air Cutter! Finally, I found the last Pokémon I needed from the Dream Park. That leaves just two more Pokémon to find in the Dream World! We also found a female Drowzee with the ability Inner Focus.
Dream World 2: Croagunk. Found: female Crustle with the ability Weak Armor.
(I had an afterthought. If females are no longer needed to breed hidden abilities in Gen 6, I probably don’t need to keep looking for them in the Dream World… hm, I’ll think more about it later.)

I also earned another medal. It seems Electivire was the last electric-type Pokémon I needed to obtain in the Unova region!

Medal Rally: Rookie Rank 86/125
New Medals:
Electric-type Catcher

I then left the Pokémon Center, and headed towards the cave I found at the end of Route 22.
Hoenn Pokédex: Seen 208 Obtained 208
Hoenn Ruby Medals: 87
Hoenn Sapphire Medals: 74
Kalos Pokédex: Seen 453 Obtained 453

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