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Quote originally posted by ganesha:
I have a suggestion too.

Mods when you find a thread which is wrong place just move it to the right place instead of closing it and saying this not the right place to post it, etc etc.

It won't look good to have wrong topics in a section even when they are closed.

Hope you take this suggestion :D

The moderators do this and do an excellent job at it. If the thread is not in the right section they will usually immediately either merge it with an existing thread that it appropriately fits in or move it to the section that it is meant to be posted in. The only reason that they wouldn't normally move it or merge it is if it doesn't fit the criteria needed or if there is a duplicate. There are some instances where the moderator might just close it because they are unsure, but for the most part I don't see an issue here with the staff on this.
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