Thread: Development: The 4th gen class split in 3rd gen
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Originally Posted by LCCoolJ95 View Post
Within Pokemon Game Editor's Attack Editor, it has a list of checkboxes. One of them has the option of whether or not that move makes contact with the opponent.
Yes, I know; what I'm saying is this.

Typically, one would expect that:
  • Physical moves would always make contact
  • Special moves will never make contact

If this is actually the case, it would be simpler to implement this if the routine read whether it made contact or not to determine which attack stat to use. This offers less power than the current method (in that, as it stands a move can both make contact and use the Special Attack stat), but it would be much easier to implement as the data is already in the game.

I'll look into this some more, to see if there are any moves that go against what I'm thinking. If there are any in the official games, then this is all just moot. But if all Physical moves make contact, and all Special moves do not, then I believe the best solution would be to read that byte and save people the trouble of manually setting the moves if they don't have to.
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