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Okay let's try this again, almost had the update completed before I accidentally deleted it.

Pokemon X Dark Monotype
Elite Four: Crushed

Final Update

Traveled to Coumarine City
Beat the fourth gym with Absol, Houndoom, and Malamar. Absol swept the gym leader after a Swords Dance
Chased Team Flare out of the power plant and restored power to northern Lumiose City.
Arrived in Lumiose City
Beat the fifth gym with Krookodile, Pangoro, and Houndoom
Traveled to Laverre City
Beat the sixth gym with Houndoom, Greninja, and Malamar
Caught a Murkrow, trained it so it caught up to everyone else and evolved it into a Honchkrow.
Passed through Dendemille Town and saved the Abomasnow in Frost Cavern.
Traveled through Route 17 on a Mamoswine. Won a sky battle against a trainer with a Rotom and Butterfree. Honchkrow had only 1 hp left after Butterfree's attack and hail damage.
Arrived in Anistar City, where Honchkrow proceeded to sweep the entire seventh gym only taking damage from the gym leader's Meowstic. It beat every other trainer without taking any damage.
Traveled to Couriway Town and battled Professor Sycamore
Confronted Team Flare in their Hideout in Lumiose City
Followed Team Flare to Geosenge Town and foiled their evil scheme.
Traveled to Snowbelle City and found the gym leader in Pokemon Village.
Beat the eighth gym with Pangoro, Greninja, and Houndoom.
Traveled to Victory Road now that I had eight badges and arrived at the Pokemon League.

Pokemon League

The first of the Elite Four I battled was Malva. I led with Krookodile and she sent out Pyroar. Pyroar used Hyper Voice and took out a bit less than half of Krookodile's hp. Krookodile KO Pyroar with Earthquake. Next she sent out Talonflame. Talonflame used Brave Bird and Krookodile survived with about 20 hp, then KO Talonflame with Outrage. Unfortunately it got burned by Talonflame's ability and fainted from burn damage. Then I sent out Houndoom and she sent out Torkoal. Torkoal surprised me with Stone Edge, so I recalled Houndoom and sent out Greninja, only for it to get hit by an Earthquake that took out about a third of its hp. Greninja then KO Torkoal with Surf. Her last pokemon was Chandelure. Greninja used Surf and I can't remember what Chandelure used but Greninja survived. After that she used a full restore and Greninja used Ice Beam, then KO Chandelure with Surf.

Next I battled Siebold. He was too easy. Malamar swept his entire team. First it was Malamar vs Clawitzer. Malamar used Superpower and Clawitzer used Water Pulse, Malamar had about 120 hp left and KO Clawitzer with another Superpower. Next he sent out Barbaracle and it fell to another Superpower. His next pokemon was Starmie and it was fast enough to use Dazzling Gleam before it got KO by a Night Slash. Malamar had about 40 hp left for his last pokemon, Gyarados, who got KO by a Night Slash as well.

Then I battled Wikstrom. I led with Pangoro and he led with Klefki. Klefki KO Pangoro. Then I sent out Houndoom. Houndoom KO Klefki with a Flamethrower. After that he sent out Probopass and I sent out Greninja. Probopass used Discharge and Greninja used Surf. I should have stuck with Surf because he used a full restore, and Greninja used Ice Beam, followed by Surf. Probopass survived with like 1 hp and KO Greninja with another Discharge.
Then I sent out Krookodile who KO Probopass with Earthquake. Then he sent out Scizor. Krookodile used Earthquake and Scizor used X-Scissor. Krookodile survived then KO Scizor with another Earthquake. His last pokemon was Aegislash, who fell to Krookodile's Crunch.

The last member of the Elite Four I battled was Drasna. Pangoro failed to KO her Dragalgae and fainted due to poison. Krookodile then KO Dragalgae with EQ and swept the rest of her team with Outrage. Only her Noivern managed to attack and Krookodile survived it Dragon Pulse with plenty of hp to spare.

Finally the Champion Diantha. First Pangoro vs Hawlucha, Hawlucha wins with Flying Press. Then I sent out Greninja and it KO Hawlucha with Ice Beam. Then she sent out Goodra. Tried an Ice Beam on it but it has outrageous Sp. Defense. It only lost about a quarter of its hp and hit Greninja with Dragon Pulse. Greninja then hit it with a Night Slash and it survived with only a little hp, and hit Greninja with another Dragon Pulse. She then used a full restore and Greninja KO Goodra with a pair of Night Slash. Greninja only had a little hp after it's battle with Goodra so I sent out Malamar to take on her Aurorus. Maybe I should have nicknamed Malamar, Killer, for it KO Aurorus with Superpower. Then it hit her next pokemon Tyrantrum with its last Superpower and took about 50 hp in damage from its Head Smash, the recoil of which KO Tyrantrum. Then it proceeded to KO her Gourgeist and Gardevoir with a single Night Slash each.

Final Team

Greninja Lv. 69
- Night Slash
- Extrasensory
- Surf
- Ice Beam

Malamar Lv. 67
- Night Slash
- Pluck
- Superpower
- Psycho Cut

Honchkrow Lv. 67
- Thunder Wave
- Night Slash
- Fly
- Wing Attack

Pangoro Lv. 67
- Sky Uppercut
- Hammer Arm
- Crunch
- Strength

Krookodile Lv. 66
- Crunch
- Power-Up Punch
- Earthquake
- Outrage

Houndoom Lv. 67
- Rock Smash
- Sludge Bomb
- Flamethower
- Crunch

Also one that stayed in the box during Victory Road and the Pokemon League

Absol Lv. 59
- Shadow Claw
- Aerial Ace
- Swords Dance
- Night Slash

Took me almost two hours to type this up on my phone not counting the hour I lost by accidentally deleting it the first time, but after 32 hours play time my Dark Monotype run of Pokemon X is complete.