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Welcome, gokaiblue!

I know how you feel, and since I live in NA, I have to wait an extra 10 days to play the game! >.<
Which means, and extra 10 days to have to avoid spoilers! GAH! D8

Say, has anyone here ever done any Sonic Roleplaying? be it, as official characters, or fan-characters?

I for one, have, with my friend irl. We've got a good mish-mosh of the official characters, fan-characters, original characters, and some hybrids even o.o
We're never consistent either, always making newer and "better" stories, and returning to older ones to revise them, ect.
One of the constants is the focus on the "Chaos Rings" and the world of "Catatonia", which is basically a twin-world to Mobius. Our stories also have a heavy focus on the use of magic. Also, various different Anime/game Worlds come into play (ie: FMA, Naruto, the Majokai from Ojamajo Doremi, and even My Little Pony, and some trace amounts of Kingdom Hearts)
We've done a whole bunch of whacky things in our stories, including some stuff you'd expect only from crackfics... o.o

And also, I've been busy, moving house, and making time for friends and family... right now I'm in the process of finding a job, so it's been hectic! ^.^'

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