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Ultimate Fire Monotype Update 2
Game: Firered
Badges: 3/8
Dairy 2:
Straight after defeating Brock in our battle, I headed towards Cerulean City and the humble towns gym leader Misty via Mt. Moon. Running through the mountain I encountered the vicious Team Rocket. Their Zubats standed no chance against my Charmeleon's Ember. After slaughtering their pokemon I received a Helix Fossil which I have no use for. After exiting the cave I found two martial arts experts arguing what was better a punch or a kick. They taught my pokemon how to Mega Punch and Kick. These newly found skills will help me against my hardest challenge yet, the Cerulean Water gym.
The second I entered the town I was headed towards the gym. I easily took out the gym trainers with Charmeleon's Mega Punch. Now it was time for Misty. Her Staryu was cleaned up with one hit of Mega Kick. Starmie was then sent out, her water pulse took out 90% of my health then Charmeleon took 40% of hers with Mega Kick. She hit me again and I had failed my second gym challenge.
I decided to train over the Nugget Bridge where there were many trainers who seemed like no challenge at all, over the bridge I found a genius named Bill who gave me a ticket to a cruise ship. After gain a few more leaves I decided to take on Misty again but this time I would not allow myself to lose!
Misty began with her Staryu again, the same story one hit with my Mega Kick. Starmie was sent out. Charmeleon went first with his Mega Kick, unfortunately it missed. Starmie hit me with a Water Pulse, taking 40% of Charmeleon's health and confusing him. The second round Charneleon went for another attempt with mega kick, this time hitting himself in confusion. Starmie took another 40% of his health.
Now realising I wasn't prepared for the gym and had no Super Potions, I decided to risk it and go for a third attempt of Mega Kick. This one made contact, not only did it make contact it was a critical hit which took out Starmie completely! I was now in possession of the second badge, only six to go!

I headed south through Route 5 and 6 to reach the Third Gym in Vermilion City. Battling the Trainers along the way, Charmeleon reached level 30. When I reached the city I went to the docks and boarded the cruise, on the cruise I found many a trainer which helped Charmeleon gain a few levels. I found my rival Gary and challenged him to a battle, his pokemon were no match for Charmeleon's Ember and Mega Kick. The captain of the ship and rewarded me for a back rub with the HM Cut.
In the Vermilion City Gym I easily took out the trainers and challenged Lt. Surge to a battle. His Voltorb and Pikachu were easily taken out with Ember. He sent out his Raichu and that was taken out with one hit of Mega Kick. I now obtained the Thunder Badge and was ready to head for the dreaded Rock Tunnel.

I went straight towards Rock Tunnel, I couldn't remember where flash was and I didn't really mind, I was going to use my strategy I used as a kid, run around till you get out. About one or two trainers in Charmeleon reached level 36 and evolved into a fully grown Charizard.
After about 10 minutes of running around in the dark I escaped the tunnel was in Lavender Town but I didn't stop for long. I went straight to Route 8 to catch a Growlithe. My first attempt was unsuccessful as I ran out of poke balls. I returned to the route with more. I was running through the grass when appeared a shiny Growlithe (I was honestly really happy!) I attempted to catch it but it used roar and escaped (I almost cried). The next Growlithe was caught and I nicknamed him Monty after my pet dog. I decided to change Charizards name to Smaug at the Name Raters house.
I entered the Pokemon Tower and who did I find, my rival Gary. After swapping every time to Monty then back to Smaug, all of his pokemon stood no chance against Smaugs Flamethrower and Wing Attack. As it was getting late I decided to end my adventures for the day here.

Team: Smaug the Charizard level 41
Monty the Growlithe level 22