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I beat Pokemon Y, so allow me to break the whole thing down.

Pokemon Y (Final Update)

Final Team (Post Champion)

Edo the Azumarill (F)
Level 94 (Met at level 5 on Rt. 3)
Serious Nature/Thick Fat

-Play Rough

Vlad the Drapion (M)
Level 65 (Met at Level 34 on Rt. 15)
Docile Nature/Battle Armor

-Poison Fang
-Hone Claws
-Night Slash

This the Throh (M)
Level 65 (Met at level 22, Rt. 11)
Naive Nature/Inner Focus

-Storm Throw
-Power-Up Punch

The Dead (Earliest to Latest)

Ruffles the Pidgeotto, Level 26
Ash the Charmeleon, Level 27
Matilda the Floette, Level 30
Fallen the Lucario, Level 32
Holy the Amaura, Level 31
Bruce the Chesnaught, Level 47
Stinger the Beedrill, Level 41
Estelle the * Meowstic (Yes, this did actually fall in Nuzlocke rules. First thing I saw on Route 6)
Reptar the Heliolisk, Level 44
Snapper the Trapinch, Level 34
Olivia the Machamp, Level 50
Chrom the Golurk, Level 63
Swiper the Sneasel, Level 59
E4 Team Deaths
Crit the Heatmor, level 55 (Killed in the Steel E4 Battle)
Kelly the Stunfisk, Level 63 (Killed in the Water E4 Battle)
Drunkz the Yveltal, Level 59 (Killed by the Champion's Gardevoir)

Pokemon Stars:

Gym 1 (Bug)- Ruffles the Pidgey
Gym 2 (Rock)- Bruce the Quilladin
Gym 3 (Fighting)- Edo the Azumarill
Gym 4 (Grass)- Edo the Azumarill
Gym 5 (Electric)- Bruce the Chesnaught
Gym 6 (Fairy)- Edo the Azumarill
Gym 7 (Psychic)- Estelle the Meowstic (Until death)/ Edo the Azumarill
Gym 8 (Ice)- Edo the Azumarill
E4 Star- Edo the Azumarill
Flying Star- Chrom the Golurk (Without him, I would have had to restart)

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